Korean Food : Bibimbap

Bibimbap For dinner

Okay, so I made Bibimbap for dinner…


Hello guys! 밥 먹었어? Have you guys eaten?

So last time I made a Korean dish, (비빔밥) Bibimbap, a very popular Korean dish you might have heard about. Bibim (비빔) translates as “mixed,” and bap (밥) means “cooked rice,” so Bibimbap literally means “mixed rice.” Before eating it you’re supposed to mix everything all together. It looks really colourful and pretty after you mix it.

I craved for this food for a long time and decide to make it and see how it turns out. It took me 1 hour to do it haha. It’s because I have to saute’ the vegetables, blanched the spinach and boiled the soybean sprout. I also have to be patient as my tummy growling, god I was so hungry that time haha

There are many variations on this dish from simple to elaborate, I only make a simple one. I watched some videos and some of them are making dried fernbrake (Gosari) and bellflower roots side dish, but I don’t know where to get these ingredients so I’m only using the ingredients that I have in the refrigerator.

I only prepared like 6 side dishes. Spinach side dish (시금치나물), soybean sprout (콩나물무침), carrot, cucumber, sunny side egg and a bit of fried chicken. I didn’t make a hot pepper paste (고추장),  because I didn’t eat spicy, so I just make my own style of sambal hahaha. Also, don’t forget the rice! it’s not a Bibimbap without rice (bap).

This is how it looks when it’s done. 

Im sorry about the egg on my bibimbap

i mixed the bibimbap

Although it was my first time making it, It turns out good though. Maybe it’s because I recite too many Bismillah as I was making it huhu. My sister said it tasted a bit like fried chicken when you mixed it all together lol. And after you finish eating it your tummy is gonna be so full. I’m seriously satisfied and happy with my bibimbap. I’m going to make it again next time if I’m not too lazy ㅋㅋㅋ

I remembered eating Dolsot Bibimbap at Dubuyo and that was then I fell in love with Korean food. Dubuyo serves you a perfect harmony of Korean delights. From their signature hearty Soondubu Jigaes to all-tasty urban Korean favourites, you guys will be fascinated with flavours you will truly enjoy.  I just realized they can deliver it right to your doorstep! But only at Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Gosh, they’re so lucky!




There is a bit of leftover so I decided to eat it tomorrow. Pardon me for my grammatical error huhu

i failed on keeping the egg yolk pretty


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